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Is It in My Head?: All because we don't have single payer health care....


An experienced, old-school convict would not have robbed a bank for $1 as Verone did; they, instead, would have heaved a brick through the front window of their local Post Office, a crime that’s guaranteed to result in a federal judge giving out a buffalo. For those unfamiliar with the argot, a “buffalo” is a “nickel” uh, five years? Plenty of time to get healthy.

Earlier this week a man robbed a bank for $1 just to get access to health care through the federal prison system. The stunt worked: James Verone is now receiving medical services for a growth on his chest, two ruptured disks, and a problem with his left foot. But he’ll likely get less than a year’s time, in which case he’s said he’ll rob again.

This doesn’t happen in Canada or Great Britain.

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Americans should be so proud, that this is the country we fight to preserve.  Who needs change?

The hard truth about health care: Government works - Ezra Klein (Click for article)


From the article:

Everyone knows — or should know — that the United States spends much more than any other country on health care. But the Kaiser Family Foundation broke that spending down into two parts, the government’s share and the private sector’s share (both measured as a percentage of total gross domestic product), then compared the results with figures from 12 other countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. And here’s the shocker: Our government spends more on health care than the governments of Japan, Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Canada or Switzerland.